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updated mon 2 jun 08


Marty Morgan on sun 1 jun 08

I don't get to NCECA every year, but could not miss the chance to visit the
Manchester Craftsmen's Guild which I'd heard about a few years ago.
Listening to Bill Strickland, the CEO of the Guild, speak of his passion
for clay and orchids and seeing what he's done with that passion was the
highlight of my trip. Dream big! is his message. Build places in which
"education" happens that are filled with light and beauty not metal
detectors and security guards.

If you missed seeing the Guild (on the NorthSide bus tour) it's worth a trip
to Pittsburgh just to visit it and the orchid greenhouses nearby.

If you missed Strickland's opening night talk you can still buy his book
Make the Impossible, Possible, and read his amazing story.

Strickland's current dream is to create 100 more MCG's in cities across the
country. 3 have been built, 97 to go. So, Kelly, if you're wondering what to
do after grad school..

Marty Morgan

In Gloucester, MA, dreaming of turning a local school into a small version
of MCG