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tiles and presses

updated mon 9 jun 08


Joan Slack on fri 6 jun 08

Hi all,

I am looking into buying a tile press and am comparing the models available.
Does anyone have experience with the model that is around $400 by American
Clay Products? I don't really want to make one from scratch, and also don't
want to spend $1500 if possible, but would like something that will give me
good quality and several options. Any help/advice appreciated!

Also, I am interested in tile making intensive workshops. I have done quite
a bit and tried lots of things, but am thinking of going to the next level
of creating installations and larger pieces. Good books and videos? If
anyone has experiences that might help let me know!

Joan Molloy Slack
Riverrun Center for the Arts
PO Box 95 6938 Bridge Road
McNaughton, Wi 54543

Deborah Thuman on sun 8 jun 08

Jim made me the tile mold (with draft - the boy started out as a wood
pattern maker). He made me a block of wood that fits the dimensions of
the mold. I bought a rubber mallet. I put the clay in the mold, put
the wood on top, whack it with the rubber mallet. Aside from ensuring
I have very few cracking tiles, this is a wonderful stress reliever.
There are grad students who can tell you just what kind of week I've
had by how many tiles I make on the weekend.

If you want complete instructions, e-mail me off list. I'll forward to
Jim. He understands these things. I just use them and am grateful that
he's so handy and willing to make me clay tools.

Deb Thuman