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business name registration question

updated tue 17 jun 08


Keba M Hitzeman on mon 9 jun 08

I just got a vendor's license (required by the shows I will be doing this
summer) and am now looking to register my business name (DBA) with the
secretary of state of Ohio. On the form, I have the options of: trade
name, fictitious name, and name reservation. The nice man on the phone told
me that "name registration" only lasts for 180 days, so that doesn't seem to
be my best choice. "Trade name" and "fictitious name" both last for 5
years, but a trade name is protected and a fictitious name is not.

Could anyone with experience with this (especially in Ohio - we seem to have
some weird rules and regulations) offer their advice? I'm thinking that
"trade name" is the way to go, but would like some input from those who have
already gone through this!




Keba Hitzeman

Dayton OH

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Kim Hohlmayer on mon 16 jun 08

Hi Keba,
     I went with trade name but be carefull what you choose as it can be difficult to get them to change it.  jSupposedly it requires a simple contact but trust me it is really more like an act of congress.  --Kim H.