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updated thu 12 jun 08


Ivor and Olive Lewis on wed 11 jun 08

Dear Friends,
INTERCERAM 2, 2008. January, Vol 57 has an article that may have
interest for students, lecturers and those interested in compounding
or designing their own clay bodies.

Pp 103 -107, D.A. Abdel Aziz, E. El-Fadaly, "Effect of LiF or B2O3 as
Co-Flux in Porcelain Stoneware Bodies".

Conclusions of these authors:-
" The results indicate that the addition of 2 mass-% LiF to stoneware
bodies reduces the maturing temperature by about 100 deg C. However
the addition of 2 mass-% of B2O3 with increasing Quartz Felspar ratios
raises the vitrification temperature and improves the densification
behaviour as well as increasing the MOR figure to 58 MPa. The major
crystalline phases are Beta Eucriptite in Lithium Bodies and Mullite
in Borate bodies. Also, the addition of LiF/or B2O3 to ceramic bodies
increases the resistance to deep abrasion and chemical action of
household chemicals and acid in low and high concentrations. "
(MOR is "modulus of rupture" resistance to mechanical fracture")

Best regards,
Ivor Lewis.
South Australia.