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wood fired pottery at plimoth plantation!

updated thu 12 jun 08


kathleen chase-jones on wed 11 jun 08

Hi there I thought this might be of interest of anyone who is visiting =
the Eastern states later on in June. I have not personally been to a =
firing, but I do know a few of their potters. Kathy Chase-Jones

Wood Fired Pottery at Plimoth Plantation!

Plimoth Plantation, located in historic Plymouth, Massachusetts, is =
dedicated to telling the bicultural story of 17th century Plymouth =
Colony, which includes exploring the material elements of both the =
Native Wampanoag and colonial English cultures. =20

Later this month, from June 29-July 1, Plimoth Plantation will be =
holding an historic bi-cultural pottery event, where artisans trained in =
colonial English and Native styles will be demonstrating pottery and =
firing up our wood-fired kiln. The results are expected to be fun, =
interesting and a bunch of spectacular reproduction pottery.

I have attached a press release and a flyer with all the details. I =
would like to ask your help in spreading the word about this unique =
pottery event. We are truly excited about it, so any assistance you can =
give us in getting the word out, would be greatly appreciated! You can =
also let folks know that admission is good for all three days of this =
event and we offer a AAA discount. Thanks so much for your time and we =
hope to see you there! =20

For more information, visit: =20
Jennifer McNally Monac ~ PR Manager=20
T: (508) 746-1622 x.8206 ~ F: (508) 746-4978
PO Box 1620, Plymouth, MA 02362 ~