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cleaning shelves and a new potsticker platter video

updated sat 14 jun 08


Jamie Yocono on fri 13 jun 08

Mel -

Might I add to your instructions about cleaning kiln shelves?

NEVER run your hand over the shelf, to see if there are any sharp =20
edges. I can attest to the fact that blood burns off the shelves =20
during the next bisque fire.

I think you're dead-on correct about chipping off as much as you can =20
with a lightweight hammer and a chisel. Lightweight is the key, I =20
agree, I don't need more half-shelves. A quick once-over the grinder, =20
and I'm good to go until my next mishap.

On a totally unrelated note - I've started adding videos to my blog. I =20
ran a video clip on applying Watco oil a few weeks ago. Got a nice =20
comment from someone who was building pedestals and needed an easy =20
finish for them. If you're looking for a totally goof proof finish for =20
something made of wood, this might interest you.

And just yesterday, posted a few short clips on making a Potsticker =20
platter. If you'd like to see how a rookie works, feel free to check =20
it out and laugh.

What's that line - I have the perfect face for radio?

Jamie in Vegas