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best way to sell burners?

updated fri 20 jun 08


Kelly Savino on wed 18 jun 08

I am helping a friend sell a pair of venturi burners -- older, used with
natural gas, unused for years.

How do I know what the value is? Are there parts of the burners that can
go bad (ie: rust, rot, etc.) and need replacing?

How would you do it, in my shoes? Best offer? Ebay, craigslist,

Kelly in Ohio... still planting in the garden, pruning fruit trees,
sorting outgrown kids' clothes and homeschool books to donate,
inventorying camping gear, pantry and freezers, purging attics and
basement, planning a frugal grocery budget and menus for the month,
catching up on bills and bookkeeping, raising chicks, designing a tile
mural for the back landing and stair riser, looking for materials to
build a soda kiln, cooking big batch meals to freeze for busy nights,
taking over as assistant girl scout troop leader, rewiring an electric
kiln to have a third, scraping and relining my pug mill, posting show
pots to my website, applying for jobs, teaching at the guild, picking
local strawberries to make jam, and running kids to various summer
camps... "What will you do with all your free time now that school is
out?" lol

Rogier Donker on thu 19 jun 08

Hey Kelly!

When you find out what they are worth, let me know.
I've got eight Johnson venturi burners for sale.... last time I
checked (30 years ago!) they went for $ 225.00 a piece new.... A wire
brush removes all the rust and they are as good as new.... what
price????? My Rhodes kiln is for sale too....
Are we having fun yet?


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