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hand made tiles

updated sat 21 jun 08


Taylor Hendrix on mon 23 jun 08

Howdy poopies,

Er, I'm still living the nightmare that is kitchen remodeling, but I
thought our hot California Girl/Tile maker might like to know that my
tile-making experience has not been quite as bad as some of my
remodeling experiences. (I still have all 10 fingers and toes)

I used the same clay body I use for throwing small ware (very fine,
plastic cone 5 stoneware) and I did have several warped tiles even
with drywall stacking and wire racks. However, by the time I tiled the
back splash, I was so dawg tired that a little warpage didn't even
register on my perfectionist radar. It's a shame that we always seem
to be under such a time crunch (I bisqued and glaze fired half kiln
loads back to back) so much so that I never really experimented with
all the glazes and designs I wanted.

Marsha should be blogging the latest stuff pretty soon on my
wirerabbit blog. The tile for the back splash came out okay. The
counter top not so much, but you get what you paid for and you sure as
heck can't take it back now.

Hope everyone is claying around,

Taylor, in Rockport TX
wirerabbit1 on Skype (-0500 UTC)