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business plan for flower shop...vase ideas

updated thu 26 jun 08


Jarita Thomson on wed 25 jun 08

I am in the beginning phases of creating a business plan for a flower shop.=
I have owned a successful flower shop before but had to sell it due to my =
husband's job relocation. I learned a lot about what worked and what didn't=
work. This is a lot different location, and I am trying to figure out the =
details on making it work here. I am looking to have some pottery vases ava=
ilable as I am addicted to clay myself and would love to incorporate my two=
greatest passions. As I have read before on Clayart, there are customers o=
f varying budgets and appreciation levels in pottery (and flowers btw). My =
work is mostly slab and coiled and I would love to have some thrown work as=
well but I don't throw on the wheel. I know that I will have to carry most=
ly inexpensive vases; although, as when I had my flower shop before, I will=
refuse to carry those very ugly cheap import vases that most flower shops =
use. I will carry some slightly nicer import vases simply because a lot of =
customers have a different appreciation level. Anyway, back to the pottery =
vases... I am looking for information (I will be making no commitments at t=
his time) on reasonably priced wheel thrown (or even other methods) vases. =
If you would like to share info about your own work, please contact me dire=
ctly at . I should probably explain what I am=
looking for a little better. I am very open to differing styles. Retail pr=
ice is probably one of my greatest concerns. I do not live in a rich commun=
ity and although like most places, there are a few people willing and able =
to invest in quality pottery, most of my customers will be limited. Like al=
l business owners, I will be concerned about actually moving the product an=
d since I have some idea about the customer base, I also have some idea abo=
ut how much they are willing to pay for a quality vase with their floral ar=
rangement. Most will be limited. I do not think I will be interested in lar=
ge vases at all, so if you are an admirable potter who throws beautiful tal=
l vases, I am sorry, but I will not be going that way. Instead, I will be l=
ooking for bud vases, pint or quart vases, perhaps even ikebana vases. Of c=
ourse, I will be looking to purchase on a price level that will allow for a=
markup to retail within my store, but initial purchase may not be huge qua=
ntities (sorry, if I am making this difficult). If sales are reasonable, I =
would, naturally, be interested in an ongoing business relationship. I will=
not be looking to purchase any for probably a year as I am still in the re=
searching phase of my business plan, but receiving a lot of information wil=
l be very helpful in continuing my plan. I am not out to insult anyone in a=
sking that the prices stay reasonable. I am also a clay artist and I truly =
do understand the value of quality handmade pieces of art. Please understan=
d, though, that I am looking to open a flower shop in a small community and=
I must meet certain requirements in order for the business to succeed. If =
you are interested in working with me and we discover that the market can h=
andle more expensive vases, then we will slowly incorporate them, but initi=
ally, I can assure you that I will not be looking for any high-priced ware.=
Thank you for understanding. You are welcome to contact me off clayart if =
you would like. Thank you and I am looking forward to hearing from you.
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