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a few more studio things in dc

updated tue 1 jul 08


Bonnie Hellman on mon 30 jun 08

Linda Blossom has these additional tools to sell. Please contact her =
directly with questions, etc.
Bonnie Hellman

Linda writes:

I have a few things still to deal with here in DC. I have a small =
Evenheat kiln that I used for tests. I used it with a computer =
controller. The kiln is about 2 cu ft and is insulated with fiber and =
itc. It is free to anyone who would like to use it. It took a beating =
in the trip from NY but I think it can still work. The controller I =
can't give away but I do need to sell it.=20

It is set up for the Evenheat and I don't know if it can be adapted for =
others. It is a Paragon controller. Also, I have a Vermont garden =
cart that will need new wheels one day - it is free. Old and beat up =
but it works.=20

The craftsman toolchest is 9 drawer and is a very good one. The drawers =
move easily and it is probably 30" wide and 4' tall and on large =
casters. It is about $300 or more new. I can sell it for $75.

I'm going to NY to inventory the studio this weekend and will post what =
is there.

Linda Blossom