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subject: ez up disaster... here's some tips and tricks

updated wed 2 jul 08


John Rodgers on tue 1 jul 08

I have an EZ UP with the frame that runs up from the corner to the peak.
I insert a large hula hoop between the frame and the canopy on each of
the four frames to tighten the canopy which prevents rainwater from
pooling. I use zip ties to hold them in place if the wind is blowing.
The corner foot is anchored by stakes and weights.

I also use an EZ UP tent that has the frame with the single center pole
to the peak. Not much can be done to prevent water pooling there. If
windy, I take a 5 gallon bucket of clay with me and I hook a chain or
rope to the frame center directly under the center canopy pole, and the
other end to the five gallon bucket of clay and I cinch it down tight.
This will hold it down against moderate winds, but not necessarily high
winds. The bucket in the center of the tent is inconvenient but it's not
often it must be used. But when it is, it's nice to have the security of
that weight.

John Rodgers
Chelsea, AL

Darlene Yarnetsky-Mudcat Pottery wrote:
> Ouch - sorry for the mishap Kelly! Hope you can figure out something
> with insurance.
> There are plenty of good tent systems out there, but none are
> inexpensive that I know of. Hopefully someone else from the list
> will have a good idea for you!
> We have an old sturdier tent -but it is so dark we only used it in
> really bad weather. We also have an EZ up we only use if the weather
> is practically guaranteed to be good, but hot and we want shade.
> Sometimes we have set up no canopy at all and let the pots shine in
> the sun. Great for selling.
> FOR ALL THOSE WHO ARE USING THE EZ UP - If you get in bad weather
> and the wind is trying to grab it, undo the canopy and let it go.
> That will stop the parachuting effect and make it easier to keep the
> frame from flying. Even if you can only get one corner unattached it
> will help.
> Be careful out there,
> Darlene Yarnetsky
> Mudcat Pottery