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nceca clayart room show

updated fri 11 jul 08


mel jacobson on thu 10 jul 08

at my urging, it looks like we will be
having a small/intimate show from amoca
of the new works of tom coleman and frank
boyden(colaboration) in the clayart room...they will give
an open forum discussion of the new work.
(for clayart members, and special guests.)

david armstrong will also be available each
day to discuss amoca/ceramics with clayart members..
and show some examples of `famous` potters work.
this will not be, most of you will
get a chance to meet david. (one of the most
influential clay persons in america.)

all other clayart functions will be normal.
clayart mug exchange, showing your own
pots in a non/formal way on tables. and
some teaching forums.

this special show is based on the close proximity
of amoca to phoenix...david can just drive a van
full of pots to share with clayart friends.
from minnetonka:
clayart site: