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fw: question re breakage

updated sat 12 jul 08


Jo Smith on fri 11 jul 08

Were the tiles you purchase from Home Depot unglazed? I have been =
decorating Italian bisque tiles for several years and would like to find =
something more local. The nearest HD is 60 miles...LOL


In a message dated 7/10/2008 1:40:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
nguido0821@COMCAST.NET writes:

Hi Carolyn,

I have made large tiles for years. I have learned by hard lessons that I
don't put the 12" tiles on the bottom shelf. I put the tile entirely on =
shelf, absolutely no corners hanging off. Whatever fits, fits and =
smaller stuff
can go around the big tile. I use 3" posts over the tiles. This has =
for me at cone 6 as well as 05. I did a job with commercial tiles and =
low fire
majolica glazes. I used 12" tiles from Home Depot. Same procedure. I =

My kiln had the extra insulation and since I was only firing tiles, it =
was a
pretty tightly packed kiln with 3" posts all the way up. The cooling was
naturally slow.

nancy g.