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copper oxide facts/now hematite

updated sun 27 jul 08


Angela Davis on sat 26 jul 08

Hello Marian and Ivor,

I'm casually following this thread just to try and absorb some information.

Your comments on the hematite glaze got me really interested so I quickly
Googled for some recipes or information and came across this interesting
paper. Now
don't get turned off by the fat it has to do with crop circles in England.
It does have a fascinating report on the iron glazed plant material
found in the area.

I have not checked any credentials so have no idea as to it's merit but it
is interesting.

Angela Davis

In Homosassa

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> Cheers!
> Marian
" I collect data sometimes for further use (hence the long previous post),
like for copper based glazes, cone 10 reduction or Raku. I made several very
interesting glazes and surface treatments in the last few weeks - one with
copper, one with hematite (Fe2O3). The hematite is my favorite - fired it
looks like real rock. This is my weekend to stay cool, focused, and do a
little sculpting. My mind is not now "into" science. But will be again, "