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planning ahead for nceca

updated wed 30 jul 08


Jeannean Hibbitts on tue 29 jul 08

I'm hoping to be able to attend NCECA next year - it'll be my first time. I
already made hotel reservations and would like to plan (and save) for other
expenses. So I'm wondering...

Do I need to become a member of NCECA to attend the conference? (It looks
like that's $50)

Is there a registration fee for the conference? If so, how much? (Maybe it
varies by venue, but a ballpark figure would be helpful)

Is the registration fee (if any) all-inclusive, or are there extra admission
fees for demonstrations, lectures, shows, etc.?

Am I missing anything?

Thanks in advance!

Spider Hole Pottery
Astoria, Oregon
.... where it's a lovely shady (overcast) day, and I awoke this morning to a
gentle rain - good for my vegetable patch and good for my soul.