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updated sat 9 aug 08


Guangzhen Zhou on thu 7 aug 08

International Contemporary Teapot Exhibition -- Phoenix Arizona=2C NCECA 20=
09The teapot has long been a traditional part of ceramic history in China a=
nd the whole world. Today=2C pottery has been wildly adopted in the ceramic=
art field=2C which is far beyond the tea culture of China. The ceramic tea=
pots can be categorized into vessel form or sculptures=2C functional or non=
-functional.We would like to explore the new development of teapots worldwi=
de in the new century to share the new concepts of teapot within the big fa=
mily of NCECA at The International Contemporary Teapot Exhibition - Phoenix=
=2C 2009 (in conjunction with NCECA).Location:French Designer Jeweler7148 E=
ast main StreetScottsdale=2C AZ 85251Contact :Chinese Clay Art1155 S. De An=
za Blvd.San Jose=2C CA 95129Tel: 1-800-689-2529Fax: 408-343-0117email: chin=
eseclayart@hotmail.comEntry Deadline (digital images): December 10=2C 2008E=
xhibition: April 8-11=2C 2009Artist's Reception: 7 pm - 9 pm=2C Thursday=2C=
April 9=2C 2009For more information=2C please click=20
Guangzhen "Po" ZhouChinese Clay Art Corp. / ClayGroundClay Art Supplies an=
d Studio1155 S. De Anza Blvd. San Jose=2C CA 95129Mailling address:PO Box 1=
733=2C Cupertino=2C CA 95015Tel. 408-343-3919=2C Fax. 408-343-0117www.Chine= ChineseClayArt@hotmail.comArt Tools are Part of Art Works.=