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brushpainting workshop in bailey, nc on september 13.

updated fri 22 aug 08


Elizabeth Priddy on thu 21 aug 08

I will be offering a Chinese Brush Painting full day workshop in Bailey, NC=
on September 13.=20
I will be teaching painting techniques, glazing preparation and firing for =
representational painting on clay and glaze surfaces with treatmentsinclude=
d for Cone 7, Gas, and Raku firings. I will teach brush decoration and comp=
ositional design for flat and functional ceramics.=C2=A0=20
Workshop participants may bring up to three pieces for hands on decoration =
and will complete the three pieces ready for firing when they return to the=
ir normal firing environment.=20
The cost of the workshop is $100.=20
Any interested potters, please send information or questions=C2=A0to priddy=
My work can be seen at Space is limited.=C2=
There is a pdf file linked on the homepage,,=C2=A0 =
that you can print out and mail in to register. To reserve your spot, mail =
registration with payment to:
Dan Finch Pottery=20
5526 Finch Nursery Lane=C2=A0=20
Bailey, NC 27807-9492=20
Phone: (252) 235-4664=C2=A0 =E2=97=8F=C2=A0 Fax: (252) 235-2411=20
Any type of painting on my website is available for discussion and instruct=
ion during the workshop.=C2=A0 We will cover abstract decorative techniques=
using glaze, as well.=C2=A0=20
Hope to see a lot of you there!

Elizabeth Priddy
Beaufort, NC - USA

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--- On Thu, 8/21/08, John Britt wrote:

From: John Britt
Subject: Re: Colored Slip Results at Cone 10
Date: Thursday, August 21, 2008, 8:14 AM


Here is a real nice clear:

Shaner Clear Cone 10

Custer Feldspar 32.0

Whiting 16.8

Silica 32.0

Kaolin 14.1

Dolomite 5.1


John Britt