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nceca 2009 clayart shirts

updated fri 22 aug 08


Logan Johnson on thu 21 aug 08

Hey Gang ,

I didn't want to start the ball rolling too early but Chic brought up the s=
ubject so I guess it's o.k. to start the Clayart shirt questions. (thanks C=
hic)=A0=A0 :oD
I agreed in P.Burg to get the Clayart=A0 shirts made up for Phoenix .=A0 So=
I guess the first poll should be about what the shirt should look like.=A0=
What do you all think, should we go=A0 with the same single color t-shirt =
that all the others are (I was thinking either turquoise or as close to ter=
ra cotta as I can find)=A0=A0 OR should we try something new like a tie dye=
I found a turquoise spiral pattern shirt that I think would look really nic=
e with=A0 terra cotta or dk. blue or even white colored ink saying " Clayar=
t"=A0 on the front.=A0 Before you break out the 2x4's thinking I'm talking =
about the old school tie
dye take a look at the shirt=A0 I thought might work for us in this link :=

It's the "Blue Jerry"=A0 one.=A0 It's up to the majority what=A0 shirt gets=
ordered.=A0 I thought for Arizona Turquoise or terra cotta would be the mo=
st appropriate.=A0 Yes, there are going to be some of you that say "those c=
olors don't look good on me!!! ,=A0 Use another color "(& gives me an alter=
nate color choice)=A0 All I can say is if you can find another color that e=
verybody looks good in & can agree on I'll use it !=A0 (good luck )=20
=A0Wayne asked me to pick the boa color for Phoenix & I found some beautifu=
l turquoise ones.=A0 Here's the link to see the color :

Scroll down to see the Chandelle & the Marabou styles.
I'm going to wrap my marabou one around the crown of my new cowboy hat so i=
t's not around my neck.

So, here's the shirt poll :

*=A0 Terra Cotta or Turquoise=20

*=A0 spiral tie dye or one color shirt.
(I can get a single color turquoise but I can't find a tie dye terra cotta)

*=A0 White ,=A0 dk. blue or terra cotta ink.

Ladies, gentlemen & those who have yet to decide
=A0THE POLLS ARE OPEN ! Cast your vote !
More questions/info about cost, sizes, mailing shirts etc. to come later.

Have a good one Pilgrims! (said in my best John Wayne voice)

Logan Johnson=20
Yakima Valley Pottery & Supply=20
719 w. Nob Hill blvd.=20
Yakima Wa. 98902=20
(509) 469-6966=20

--- On Wed, 8/20/08, Chic Lotz + keith Montgomery wrote:
From: Chic Lotz + keith Montgomery
Subject: NCECA 2009/ClayArt Update??
Date: Wednesday, August 20, 2008, 10:54 AM

Hey Mel,

Was wondering if you would post an update with any info about clayart
and NCECA 2009 in Phoenix. ClayArt Room? Is there a preferred
ClayArt Hotel? Any ideas yet for Clayart presentations in the
ClayArt room? Where to get a ClayArt T-shirt to wear at the convention?

Thanks in
Chic Lotz