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nceca 2009 clayart shirts tally

updated thu 28 aug 08


Logan Johnson on tue 26 aug 08

Hey Gang,
First I want to thank everyone who voted so far. I had no idea so many of y=
ou would like the tie dye idea.=A0 I just thought it might be a fun change =
of pace.=A0 Including my vote 15 people have voted so far.
Here's the break down:

13 -=A0 want tie dyed shirts.
2=A0=A0 -=A0 want terra cotta.
7=A0=A0 -=A0 want terra cotta=A0 colored writing on tie dye shirts.
1=A0=A0 -=A0 wants=A0 dk. blue or white colored writing=A0 on tie dye.
Unless more people vote=A0 you can see for yourselves what the shirts will =
be.=A0 I am leaving it all up to the majority to decide . There's still ple=
nty of time to vote.=A0 I probably won't order the shirts till December or =
so. I want to have them in my paws, printed, labeled, bagged & checked with=
plenty of time to spare in case I have to order more.=A0 I'm not ready to =
start collecting any payment yet, but don't worry, I'll let everybody know=
=A0 when it's=A0 time.=A0=A0 This=A0 year I will mail any shirts I need to=
=A0 AFTER=A0 nceca.=A0 This way I will only need to send my hubby=A0 to the=
post office once.=A0 The poor guy started getting a little testy after the=
25-26=A0 bazillionth time I asked him to run to go after work last time.=
=A0 (go figure)=A0 Hey,=A0 live & learn eh? Don't be shy about e mailing me=
off list if you have any questions.

Have a good one all !

Logan Johnson=20
Yakima Valley Pottery & Supply=20
719 w. Nob Hill blvd.=20
Yakima Wa. 98902=20
(509) 469-6966=20