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updated thu 11 sep 08


Joan Hoyt on sat 6 sep 08

In a message dated 9/6/08 8:41:45 PM, dmsaint26@COMCAST.NET writes:

> > I have a simple solution to help people quit smoking.=A0 NO INSURANCE
> > coverage from the government or your employer.=A0 You wanna smoke,
> fine,
> > but we as a society aren't going to subsidize the financial train
> > wreck and burden on our nation's health resources that happens at
> the
> > end.
> >
> Dear John,
> Pandora's Box is now open. As an ER Nurse with 30 years experience
> and having worked from Texas to New Hampshire let me just say what
> really "pisses me off" are the drunks who by far injure more innocent
> people and drain our nation's health resources as
> much as if not more so than the smokers.=A0 Smokers don't get lung
> transplants but they'll give a new liver to an alcoholic.=A0 Don't
> believe me, think about Larry Hagman.
> It's the drunk, driving down the road who takes out the mother and
> her two children.=A0 Or it's the businessman who took clients to lunch,
> had a couple and now he's on his way back to the office to work who
> tells the police officer " Officer, I'm not drunk I only had=A0 two
> Manhattan's", "the kid didn't look and just stepped out in front of
> me".

I'm a long time lurker, but have to both agree and slightly disagree.=20
I've both worked in an ER and am the Mom of two kids with Asthma. I absolut=
agree about the devastation of drinking and driving. It is a killer, but=20
second hand smoke can also be devastating. One whiff at the wrong time could=
either of my kids to the hospital. Smokers are generally becoming more aware=
others, but not always. One of our children with asthma is a runner, who ran=
in college and went to nationals all four years, not an easy feat. But... at=
one city meet while she was in high school, a woman was lighting up a cigare=
standing on the line watching for the runners who were approaching. I=20
couldn't help myself and asked her not to smoke around the runners. She wa=
s quite=20
sarcastic and said she had no intention of smoking in their faces. I still=
don't care, it was much better than having my daughter on the ground. So=
the conclusion is, they are both worries. As for drinking and driving the=20
finnish approach is very effective, you drink and drive you go to jail. It=
is so=20
ingrained they just won't do it.
Sorry, this is very off topic, but.

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Arnold Howard on wed 10 sep 08

Smoking: In 1997, the owner of Paragon banned smoking from
the building, even though he was a smoker too. Special
receptacles were placed by each door for the smokers. Even
the owner went outside to smoke.

That was one of the best decisions he ever made. A nagging
cough of mine cleared up right after the ban.

DUI: Driving while drowsy may be as dangerous as driving
while drunk. If I am even slightly drowsy while driving, I
pull over and take a nap. All it takes is ten minutes, and I
am wide awake again.


Arnold Howard
Paragon Industries, L.P., Mesquite, Texas USA /