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followup on brushpainting workshop

updated tue 16 sep 08


Elizabeth Priddy on mon 15 sep 08
a slide show of what=A0we made by Ben Gufford.
More later.=A0 Very tired.

Elizabeth Priddy
Beaufort, NC - USA

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--- On Mon, 9/15/08, Lee Love wrote:

From: Lee Love
Subject: Re: Coolpix P6000 manual
Date: Monday, September 15, 2008, 5:38 PM

On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 2:51 PM, Dave Pike wrote:
> Thank you to everyone who responded. I had checked the Nikon site and
> the P6000 isn't available in English. I will muddle through the
> Japanese. I got a laugh on the comments about the length of the manual.

We are usually months behind Japan for their new consumer products.

Lee Love in Minneapolis

"Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground." --Rumi