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re post, does anyone recognize these bowls

updated sun 21 sep 08


Dave Pike on sun 21 sep 08

I am reposting this in the hope someone can tell me something about
these bowls. I have been asked by a woman if I knew where they are from
and I told her I would check. She bought them at an estate sale in
Florida. I am checking because it is interesting to me to try to find
the origin of work.
My opinion is the reddish one is either a run of the mill ....yaki,
kiyomizu piece or a mass produced piece. It has a seal clearly visible
but unreadable. I think it might be Chinese and not Japanese. It could
be Japanese.
The porcelain piece is the more interesting. It clearly has a
impression signature on the face of the bowl. The seal reads "dL" with
the tops and bottoms connected. It is a very distinct seal.
You can see the images here.
Thank you,