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updated fri 26 sep 08


Carl Finch on wed 24 sep 08

At 02:02 PM 9/24/2008, pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET wrote:

>Hi Jeanette,
>Your top Link just goes to a generic page...try again?
>Anyway...was it about this?

Nope, Phil, it was about *this*:

And absolutely delightful it was!

Dang--that tractor never missed a beat!
Funny and Melodious! Doncha just love music that
you actually whistle or hum?!

Thanks Jeanette!

in Medford, Oregon
where I'm gonna listen more appreciatively
from now on, to my good ol' Ford 1215!

pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on wed 24 sep 08

Hi Jeanette,

Your top Link just goes to a generic page...try again?

Anyway...was it about this?

You can run any Gasolene Engine or Cook Stove or other things on Wood fumes
by roasting the Wood...siphoning off the 'Gasses'...

Be fun to do..!

l v

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From: "Jeanette Harris"

> >Yes, I forgot to mention the noise.
>>The generator I had was very quiet as generators go -
>>the whole thing was encased in a sound insulated case.
>>But still, the noise was not worth the benefit. It just
>>made me feel like I was in a rush. I couldn't relax, like
>>I could hear the car idling in the driveway and I was
>>wasting gas.
> David, here's your answer:
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> Jeanette Harris
> Washingzona