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my studio is done with help

updated fri 26 sep 08


Dawn Kleinman on thu 25 sep 08

I just wanted thank everyone who had helped me finish putting my new studio

My plaster table is amazing. I used Potery Plaster #1. No flaking or
chipping. Even though it is 4'x2' -which I thought was fairly large- I can
only reclaim 6 or 7 lbs. at a time. With my recent move, I had several
pieces that were getting ready to be bisqued. They all went in the reclaim
buckets, yes, buckets, as in more than one. I am throwing faster than the
clay is drying.

My kiln saw some wear and tear in the move also. The bottom element was
pulled out and the entire bottom row of bricks were completey damaged. I
pushed everything back in place and hoped for the best. Using cones, I was
able to determine that the bottom element needs to be replaced. But, I had
done that myself before so I am not worried. For now, I have been placing a
shelf on 3" posts on the bottom and then I start loading the kiln.

Here is a link to my freebie webpage:

So, my current projects are:
lotion pumps
And Big, Big bowls

I would love throw some pitchers but I always smash them. They're nice but
my handles SUCK. I think an extruder would help. Maybe I'll try making the
one that MudMan showed on his video.

Thanks Again
-In Media, PA "Everyone's Hometown"