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raku glaze and studio ideas

updated sun 7 dec 97


Carole Honeycutt on mon 1 dec 97

Here is the recipe from CM May 97

Dry Alligator Raku Glase

Bone ash............20 grams
Nepheline Syenite 10
Copper Carbonate. 10
80 grams
On another subject.
Now ,is there anyone out there who would share their ideas on studio design.
20x40 structure. Flow pattern? Delivery ideas, storage , kiln room. Have
you just built something that you would share a design?
I am thinking that I might make it big enough to share it with 2 or 3 people
so we could share the work/expense .
Would appreciate any comments , ideas or horror stories of things NOT to do
when building a studio.
I am getting anxious to start.

David Cowdrill on sat 6 dec 97

A few recommendations on studios:
- smoothly finished concrete floor with sealer; floor should slope slightly
to drain point
- MUST have clay traps to prevent clogging sink drain lines. Check Clayart
archives. Avoid sending to septic field if you have one.
- if electric heating used, mount higher than normal so they won't get wet
when you wash floor
- plastic shelving units (Home Depot: $40); hold 1000 lb., 18"x48". In
addition I converted one unit to a ware cart by mounting a unit on plywood
and adding heavy duty casters.
- plan for separate, ventilated kiln room if possible. Kiln room
ventilation is very desirable if summers are hot.
- install electric receptacle in ceiling over planned location of wheel.
- used, solid wood doors make fine work tables
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>Now ,is there anyone out there who would share their ideas on studio design.
>20x40 structure.
David Cowdrill in Great Falls, VA (703) 430-2692