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elise's peeling slip????

updated mon 6 oct 08


Lili Krakowski on sat 4 oct 08

Oh dear. I looked at your pix on My Friend Flicker and began
itching so badly I coated myself with Cortisone cream and took a

Holy cow! Good grief!

Ok. To be serious-- It looks to me like your slip is adhering to
your pot beautifully. The GLAZE is not adhering to the slip, and
crawling and peeling and being just plain gross.

The slip ain't really to blame, the glaze is not--and everything
I said about the SLIP peeling, while correct for a slip peeling
problem, does not apply here. It is as though someone with a
sore tummy asked for tummy solutions, was told Imodium, Pepto
Bismol--when actually it is the SKIN of the tummy that hurts.

You say the slip dries dusty. Dust is the most frequent cause of
poor interface. Please test with 5% borax. Rhodes is big on 5%

Borax can be found in the laundry soap section of supermarkets.
It is very cheap. It also is a great cleaning product. And I
have no connection with those 20 mules, thank you very much.

Dry out like a pint of your slip. REALLY dry it. Let it dry in
a flat pan so you have a thin layer and it will dry quickly.
Weigh out 100 grms. and then add 5% borax. Return the mix to
slip state, test under your glazes.

Borax is one part Soda to two parts Boron is water soluble--
were it not it would be the perfect substitute, more or less, for
Gerstley Borate. Anyway.

Because it is water soluble, it will rise to the surface of the
drying slip and I think it will not only make the slip
non-dusty/chalky, BUT will make the glaze adhere better.

Crawling is complex. It not only is a adhesion/vs/cohesion
problem--reminding one of E.M. Forster--but it often is hard to
find the cause. May we have the recipe of your glaze?

After seeing the pix I have changed my mine. Apologies to your
slip, but IT is not peeling, it is "shedding" the glaze.

Please make that borax test, and we go on from there.

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage