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crystalline glazes, exhibit & book

updated sat 11 oct 08


William Melstrom on fri 10 oct 08

Joyce, any one intersted in seeing just how far contemporary crystalline
glazes have adavanced should take a look at last year's exhibit at Bill
Campbell's gallery:

The Herbert Sanders book mentioned by others is a fascinating collector's
item, but is dated, IMO. The single best modern crystalline glaze book for
beginners and experts alike is "The Art of Crystalline Glazing: Basic
Techniques" by Jon Price & LeRoy Price. It is up-to-date and excellent.

The Rose from Texas that you refer to is probably Rose Downs from Dallas:
She is also one of the "Administrators" of The Crystalline Glaze Forum.

William Melstrom
Moderator, The Crystalline Glaze Forum

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From: "joyce" joycelee@IWVISP.COM
I'm continuing to search for
> a book on crystalline glazes for an absolute beginner Joyce
> In the Mojave desert of California U.S.A. who chose pottery to learn
> from scratch....
> over other arts and crafts ..... based on a website by a woman in
> Texas.....
> her name might have been Rose but I'm not sure. It was a long time ago.
> However, her exquisite crystalline work lured me in. I then discovered
> that
> it would be awhile before I could work seriously with crystallines..... so
> the
> journey began through electric low fire to gas high fire.. from
> commercial glazes
> to working with recipes and lately trying to come up with my own glazes
> (just
> to see if I can). The progression included throwing mostly though
> lately I've been
> working with handbuilding, in which I thought I could never, ever have
> success.
> And now here I am back to square one attempting to pursue crystalline
> glazes,
> my first love. Help.