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updated sat 11 oct 08


mel jacobson on fri 10 oct 08

some have read this

this is how i graded.
end of the semester...each kid did a solo exhibit.
they got 2 sq. feet of the clay room. they taped off their space/name in
the middle.
`you have to do whatever pleases you.` grandma could come
and help...everyone invited in the school and parents.
i have seen up to 600 people through the show in one day.
candles, spot lights, boxes with black velvet.
it was up to them.
no the semester. some were really simple...six bisque ware pots.

i did nothing...sat and drank coffee.
they sprinted around, parents coming to the art
room...discussion, mom running to dell fabric for a
different color display cloth.
`should we do candy?`, a smart ass kid would
set out wine..., but, it was really grape juice.
in a lovely wine bottle.

god i laughed...they had a ball.
preen, smart.
friends would `ohhhh, ahhhh, what nice forms.`
but, it was up to them.
it was hard work, creative and high energy.
it had meaning.
it belonged to them.
from minnetonka:
clayart site:

Jeanette Harris on fri 10 oct 08

Like my friend, the choir teacher in a college would say: "How do you
grade choir? They have to show up and sing. They show up, they sing;
they get an A."
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Jeanette Harris