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nils' post/creative kids

updated sat 11 oct 08


mel jacobson on fri 10 oct 08

memorize his it three times.
print it out.
believe it.

i cannot tell you all the chaos that
was in my room at hopkins high.
185 kids a day, making pots.
by themselves. adults would go `TSK, TSK, Tsk, mel is crazy.`

pug mill running. thousands of pounds of clay.
kids making glaze.


like this:
wally wanted to make mugs with glass bottoms.
slow kid, right? did not read well.
he made a low, throw away cup, added fine
silica sand.
put his bottomless cup in the sand.
added glass shards in the bottom of the cup.
`hey mel, will this work?`
`crap, how should i is your invention.
do it.`
man, those were sure great glass bottomed mugs.
after he ground off the sand.
dumb kid? yah, right...he was inventive and naturally
loved that kid.
he would do very poorly in french 5.
but, i bet he would be the first kid to learn french if
he lived 10 weeks in paris. and, he would have the cutest
french girl on his arm in thirty minutes.
from minnetonka:
clayart site: