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a few practical questions (studio related

updated fri 31 oct 08


Lmiller on thu 30 oct 08

On Tue, 10/28/08, Kelly Savino wrote:
I am considering mounting one of those great big water coolers

Hi Kelly & clayart,
My studio is in snowland and for years I used a 30 gal garbage bucket of wa=
ter with a little giant=20
pump, 5/16 tubing to a spot over the sink, and a christmas tree footswitch =
to turn it on/off. =20
worked great. Doesn't run so fast that you waste water. Every time the a=
fternoon temp got above=20
freezing, I'd refill it. Use a newish rugged garbage can or you might get =
your sneakers wet(ask=20
me how I know).
Larry in N. Mich