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arts groups need to get creative - recent potters guild sale

updated tue 11 nov 08


Judy on mon 10 nov 08

Hello Potters,

No doubt times are awful for many folks. That's why I am astounded at =
the sales at the Potters Guild of New Jersey's show this past Saturday =
and Sunday in little Mountainside, NJ. I expected zilch and we broke =
our previous November record! 24 potters did about $18,000 in sales - =
previous record 2 Novembers ago was $15,000. We had steday streams of =
people buying all weekend. Saturday was drizzly weather, which is =
generally good for the show, as it's indoors. When yesterday dawned =
bright and sunny, I thought for sure everyone would be home doing yard =
work - not the case. Many people were dropping several hundred $$ on =
pots. We had a huge variety of stuff - much functional work, as always. =
Also purely decorative raku, pit and saggar fired and crystalline work. =
Everything did well. Since this was just after the election, we =
wondered if people were feeling in a good mood and more confident about =
the future. So perhaps all is not lost.

I also have to say that 14 of us did the Peters Valley Crafts Fair in =
late September - a large yearly fair - that was substantially down in =
attendance and where we did about 25% less than the year before. =20

I'm still scratching my head.

Judy Musicant