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updated sat 18 oct 08


mel jacobson on fri 17 oct 08

that was a bit comments about age discrimination
was basically tongue in cheek.

but, there are many hoops and a great deal of politics
to get into any graduate program.
it is daunting.

and, often what you plan, is not what you get.
and the results are often not what you expect.
that is why i caution folks...plan ahead, have your eyes
wide open.

we have had many posts here on clayart from dear
friends that have gone down the path...some never
finish, some get kicked out, some hate the experience,
some love it....a few have found success.

but, the chances of you getting your m.f.a and walking
right into a major university as a full time teacher are
not as great as winning the lottery. in fact, getting any
sort of tenure track job is almost impossible.

try 20 bucks an hour at the local art center...

so, as snail and others have pointed out.
you must make it for you. academic achievement is about
you. your own growth, your own life...what you want out
of it.

i tell people that i went back to the university at age
50+ and did 90 credits in painting. did not want a degree,
wanted to study painting. i wanted to pit myself against young
vital art students...see what i could do. i discovered i was ok.
in fact...i could kick their butts around the block. with one
arm tied behind me. experience and skill rule.
most of them talked a great game, but knew very little about
art. lots of blather, no substance.
nice kids...don't get me wrong. in fact, wonderful, heads
in clouds people. just like the one's i taught...just a few years
older....i got what i wanted, it was adult growth.
did i learn to paint? hell no...knew that already.
did i paint skulls and metaphor..? hell no. no need for that.
and did teachers push me? not really...but, they sure enjoyed
the push and pull of discussion. adult art discussion. and, that
meant they were great teachers. just what i needed. it was
truly a great adult experience. (i even did my own mfa show.
rented a gallery, hung 50 paintings or so...invited the folks
from the university...had an opening...and sold about 20
works from the show...paid for all my education. you know,
professional skill. i knew how to do that.)

of course, that is what being a teacher is about. finding
experiences that relate to real art within yourself. then you
pass that on.

i often wonder how we manage with teachers that only
get A's. our district will not hire a teacher that does not have
a 4.0 average. i have said in the past....`i wonder about 4.0's.
do they have real life experience to share with kids...or is their
life school and grades?` i also wonder how one could go to college
and never have a conflict with a prof? my god, i would not
give up what i believe in life for a grade. i got more than one
C in college because i spoke up. who cared? not me.
but, it is a new world. new ideas...

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