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tea bowl book with stunning glazes on ebay - 14 copies available

updated mon 27 oct 08


Vince Pitelka on sat 25 oct 08

This sounded interesting, so I checked with my son, and here is his

"This is a classic EBay bullshit item, a good example of why it is
rarely worth it to buy stuff related to Japan from this site. This is
not a book about Temmoku, but a book titled "Chinese ceramics," part
of a series of books on tea utensils. I have most of the books in the
series, and while the photos are amazing, the books are cheap. You can
pick this up for about $15 in Japan."

So, if you can get it for a low price, it will be worth it for the photos,
but don't pay very much.
- Vince

Vince Pitelka
Appalachian Center for Craft
Tennessee Tech University;

John Post on sat 25 oct 08

I was browsing e-bay today and came across a book on tea bowls that
looks very good.
The text is not in English, but the photos are.

It's a long link to cut and paste. If you can't use the direct link
below, you can search for it by item number 360097074332 or by just
typing tenmoku into the search box.

There are 14 of these books available. The item description page
features many photos from the inside of the book and is worth looking

John Post
Sterling Heights, Michigan

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