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new studio program in jingdezhen, china

updated mon 17 nov 08


Ric Swenson on sun 16 nov 08

Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute - Ceramic Studios (JCI-CS)

JCI is introducing a new studio program aimed at ceramic educators, potters, sculptors and all clay artists.

The program will give ceramists a chance to live and work in the Porcelain Capital of China on a flexible schedule,....
ranging from a few weeks to several months. Artists will work in a comfortable studio, equipped with potters' wheels,

work tables, shelving and be provided with adequate clay and glazes to do individual work.

Some instruction will be available and demonstrations of throwing, trimming, handbuilding, decorative techniques,

brushmaking, decals, tile work, etc. will be arranged.

Visits to local factories and workshops, kiln sites and points of historic interest will be scheduled.

Accommodations are in the nearby Teacher's Dormitory on the beautiful old campus of JCI.

Security is provided and you will find the environment to be quite pleasant.

The 38 square meter dormitory rooms are private and simple, but provide a western style bed, (hard by American standards) a refrigerator, TV, A.C., wardrobe closet, desk, shower, Chinese style toilet and a sink and mirror.

Internet connections and cell phone service is available at very reasonable, but additional cost. Laundry facilities are shared and a small kitchen is provided for those who wish to do some of their own cooking. Meals (lunch and supper) will be provided for participants. The local dining is varied and there are many restaurants nearby.

The cost for the program is $750. USD per month. College Credit from JingDeZhen Institute will be issued to participants. ( Your colleg may or may not recognize that credit however.)

If your plans allow for only a short visit -less than a month), the cost is $40.00 USD per day. ( Airfare is NOT included.

Jingdezhen is accessible by rail and by air from Shanghai, and Beijing. )

A valid passport and P.R.C. Visa are needed for entry. The visa form can be downloaded from the Chinese Embassy web site.

The visa cost is about $125. USD.

The program is open to all nationalities but participants must be at least 18 years old.

Knowledge of Mandarin language is not necessary, but if you are interested, tutorials can be offered at small additional expense.

The program can accommodate a maximum 10 students at present.

A sample schedule for a 3 week summer visit is available.

Our first participant will arrive next week!

We encourage you to consider this new program and to pass along this information to your colleagues, friends and students.

Thank you.

Ric Swenson, BFA, MFA, Program Facilitator.

cell phone: 86 - 13767818872
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