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updated mon 24 nov 08


Mary Driever on sun 23 nov 08

I got my first luster pendants out of the kiln this morning too excited! =20
some of them were too dark but I remembered the whink man and so he and I h=
ad a=20
short session and it brought out some beautiful highlights on the glass,bot=
the diacroic and the glass frit that I used. I had a chip in the glaze of=20=
partially finished piece and all of the edges were rough on others so after=
sanding with my little dremell tool and then I improvised my own lowfire=20
patching glaze with glass frit and flux it fired very low, probably about 1=
8 and=20
it took the rough look away. Now I have to work at how to wire wrap so tha=
I can add the hangers to the pendants. so excited now that it is all comin=
together. What I started with as test pieces have finished to be beautiful=
. =20
And I thought in clay they were so ugly. I got the clay from Michael Wendt=
in Idaho, some of the clay was lowfire ceramic and other slipcasting=20
porcelain so I have been doing a lot of comparing. They all have good thin=
gs and bad=20
things but overall I am very happy with the results. Now anxious to start=20
working on a website. I will have some free form blanks available that I w=
be making of glazed either black or white in the near future but you will=20
have to see them on my website just have to get it going. I will send pictu=
to those of you that request them I am preparing those now. =20

Marya Beads&Buttons

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