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updated mon 1 dec 08


Wyndham Dennison on sun 30 nov 08

> So here's the details, first time Gallery in small town. Only been open as
> a gallery for 4 months. It's really a business building that hangs art all
> around the hallways. It's juried in so the owner,chooses what pieces he
> likes that you submit. The fee is 20.00 for Nov3-Jan3,2009 Roughly 60
> days. They do charge the 7.5% sales tax and keep 10% of sales. About 30
> artists are chosen and 3-4 pieces each of their work. And you have to do a
> 4 hr shift at the gallery in that time frame.
This is not a good business plan for a successful gallery.If the person
starting the gallery does not understand what they are doing to
generate income for themselves and the artist they rep, I doubt it will
get better.
Find a gallery that understands you and your work(and the other artist)
are vital to their success. BTW, you need to create enough work to make
a large enough presence, both in volume and quality ,so your work speaks
to the gallery and patrons.
If the gallery sells every thing it has accepted, no one could live from
the 10%+rent for that time. That's why , from what you have given, I
don't believe the gallery is serious about this venture. Wyndham