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"seconds" & robin hopper

updated sat 6 dec 97


Roeder on fri 5 dec 97

Hi all,

This subject of what to do w/ your "seconds" reminded me of a story
Robin Hopper told at one of his workshops.

He has a "holiday sale/open house" at his studio every year, and sells
his "seconds" for a reduced price. This was always very popular w/his
customers. Then one day he was appalled to see one of his seconds on
display at an art museum. Apparently one of his customers had donated
this "second rate" work to their local art center, and it became part of
the permanent collection. Now work that was not up to his standards is
representing him on a permanent basis.

He also cautioned that when we throw pots away, that we hammer them
first. Robin found that a resourceful (?!?) shop keeper was selling
pots which he had gotten out of Robin's dumpster.

I know some mugs of mine, that were not up to my expectations, were
retrieved from the garbage and given out as bingo prizes at a nursing
home, where they now hold people's dentures! Now, one could say, at
least they are being used and appreciated.....but I wish that the
decision had been mine!

Happy hammering,

Candice Roeder