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claudia macphee in the yukon

updated wed 3 dec 08


joyce on tue 2 dec 08

Your tales of life in the Yukon (Tagish, in this case) helping
difficult kids find their way
through clay are inspiring, Claudia. Keep it up, please. Maybe you
could assign
names to the individual children so we may keep track, too.

I've been "through" the Yukon many times, felt at home in White
Horse, and enjoyed
the people. The only other place I've felt that immediate sense of
somehow belonging
was Scotland, particularly northern Scotland......... and once in
Richmond, Virginia.

In the Mojave desert of California where grandkids spent the last 6
days with me. We
worked in clay, too. The middle-school boy and girl both appear to
be naturals! The 3 year old
joined us (uninvited, as older siblings were quick to point out),
pushed and pulled into place,
then sat, on a high stool at
the slab table, ignored their orders to get out ... made marbles and
heavily textured
clay pies which
he patted tenderly as he placed them beneath the plastic.... when we
came back to the
house, the 3 yr old told the 17 month girl that "next year you can go
out and do
art, too"..... I can't wait.