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cleaning raku - new find

updated wed 3 dec 08


Karen Shapiro on tue 2 dec 08

Hi all you rakuers,
I have finally found THE cleaning substance for raku pieces.=A0Having tried=
every cleanser on the market and still spending way too much time and elbo=
w grease cleaning off work, I decided to try a paste cleaner I have for pot=
s ... and it's THE BEST. So ... it's called "Astonish" cleaning paste.
It comes in small 14 oz. plastic tubs -- white with a British flag logo. I =
bought a case of the stuff online (just googled "Astonish cleaning paste") =
and found a place selling it for $2.95 a tub.
Thought I'd pass this on ... I'm a happy cleaner now.
Karen Shapiro=0A=0A=0A