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ci square bats

updated mon 8 dec 97


RakuArtist on fri 5 dec 97

In a message dated 12-03-97, Louise wrote:

Does anyone have a comment on the 7 1/2" square bats from Creative

Louise, in Cincinnati


I've used these bats for about 5 years now and like them very much. They did
take a little bit getting used to after using only round bats in the years
previously to this, but they come in handy when shelving work in the studio...
I say, give em a try! You may be pleasantly surprised...

Ken Nowicki

...."Waiting here in Encino for the first "big" El Nino storm to strike Los
Angeles tomorrow night"

Kathi LeSueur on sun 7 dec 97


I've used square bats for 20 years. But...... I'd never buy them. Just get a
sheet of 1/4 inch tempered masonite....... cut to the size you need......
coat with marine varnish and make pots. I took a plastic round bat, cut out
the middle to the size of the square, and cut a notch in one side to pry out
the square with the finished pot. I use 3 different sizes. If they are loose
just put a little clay in the corners. It takes a little time to adjust to
the system. You can actually lift the bat out when pulling up a wall if you
aren't careful.

Kathi LeSueur