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^10 bone ash glaze

updated mon 14 sep 09


Eleanora Eden on thu 10 sep 09

I just mentioned this recipe on the subject of opacification and
would like so much
if somebody would use it and let me know how they like it.

Recently there was some discussion about bone ash in glazes.
Certainly this one
has a lot. When I was using it in the 70s, bone ash was bone ash. Don't k=
if it makes any difference using the substitutes.

Anyway, here it is:

^9-11 bone ash reduction white:


4 feldspar (I think I used kingman)
1 bone ash
2 talc
2 china clay
1/2 tin (or zircopax)

This glaze would go grey-ish in heavy reduction but in light
reduction was a glowing
white. It was the only glaze I used for about 10 years. Loved it.
This was a completely
trouble-free glaze. Have no recollection of any problems with it, ever.

It would be great to have it back by weight, so if somebody makes the
please send it my way. By weight it was also a very simple recipe.



Bellows Falls Vermont

L TURNER on sun 13 sep 09

On Sat, Sep 12, 2009 at 11:48 AM, Ron Roy wrote:
> Natural bone ash and Trisodium phosphate do sometimes work in a different
> way in iron bearing glazes

I have confirmed with Ron Roy that he meant Tricalcium phosphate


trisodium phosphate as the synthetic substitute for natural bone ash.

Trisodium phosphate, aka TSP, is a water soluble salt often used as a
heavy duty detergent and/or paint remover.

L Turner
The Woodlands, Tx