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baby footprint tiles

updated tue 7 jul 09


Janet Starr on mon 6 jul 09

Hi Barbara,

I am really behind on reading clayart so perhaps you have already done your
tile footprint project. I have made baby footprint and handprint tiles.
Recently, I made handprint tiles of my 2 step grandchildren (3 & 5). I
basically rolled out the clay and made an outline on the clay for cutting
the shape (so I could correctly place the hand) and pressed their hand into
the tile. The handprint does not retain all the detail because it's hard t=
press it firmly enough. When I was pressing their hand, it did not seem to
hurt them, so I would not worry about that. Perhaps if you got the clay
more moist by wedging it up with alot of water the night before you roll
it. I glazed that part very thinly and brushed off some of the dry glaze
before firing so that the imprint would not disappear under the glaze when
it would pool in the depression. The tiles came out very nice.

I also did a project for a client involving kids footprints on tile. I use=
commercial glazed white tile with lowfire (06) commercial glaze to paint th=
bottom of the foot and stood them on the tile. If a print smudged, you
could just wash it off and do it again. It was a big mess and these
children (preschool age) did not want to be there and the parent's wanted
the floor to look like they had walked across it in primary colors, so I ha=
to alternate feet. I never wanted to do that again. However, the project
ultimately came out very well. It worked better with the darker glazes
(red, blue and green) on the white tile. The yellow did not show up very


Janet Starr