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brush painting workshop in beaufort, nc, june 20

updated wed 10 jun 09


priddyclay@YAHOO.COM on mon 8 jun 09

Priddy Clay Studio Workshop Series:
Brush Painting Workshop with Elizabeth Priddy
9-4 with lunch from 12-1 and hands-on from 3-4
Teaching 5 strokes: bone, grass, vertical, side, calligraphy
Also: washes and glaze application
Underglazes, practice brushes, and oxides provided
bring 2 pieces to paint
subjects=3DA0selected by students=3D20
only=3DA07 spaces available
$60 per person
please see website for examples of work
email for information or call 252-504-2622
Brush Painting DVD =3DA0($35) available with demonstrations of
grasshopper, crab, butterfly, bee, snail, bay leaf, goldfish, and dragonfly
see website for details and galleries of painted work=3D20
This workshop is designed as a basic introduction to brush painting on both=
tile and functional work.=3DA0 No previous experience is needed to begin m=
ing beautiful marks on your work with either glaze, oxides, or underglaze.=
=3DA0 Participants with previous painting experience are welcome.=3DA0 The =
ted size of the workshop allows for individual attention tailored to the le=
vel of skill of each student.
Standard chinese brushes are used for this style of decoration.=3DA0 Studen=
should bring their own brushes, 2 pots to glaze and paint, and a photograp=
h of a subject of interest to them.=3DA0 Participants can also bring work t=
t interests them for examples for demonstration.
We will also have a preview of Priddy's work available for the June 21 kiln=
opening sale featuring both PRESS work and 2009 painted tiles.=3DA0 The pu=
ic is invited for the kiln opening.=3DA0 Beaufort is a beautiful sea port w=
h golf and water adventuring, so plan for a great weekend here by the sea!

Elizabeth Priddy
Beaufort, NC - USA

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