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back pain and seconds

updated sun 7 dec 97


freewill on sat 6 dec 97

> Take it from experience, save your self some money and stop throwing
> from a stool.

I've read this advice again and again. Here, magazines, books - I've read
reasoning, descriptions, building plans....I must be dense, but I just
don't get it....if you throw standing up, how do you kick??

Re: seconds...
I can't really justify NOT having a seconds table, because I remember when
I (had to) take advantage of such things while I was a student. Would I be
any less interested in potting if I hadn't been able to make those cheap
purchases? No, but I sure do value the fact that I got to enjoy those
pieces in my ratty student quarters. Why would I begrudge that experience
to anyone else, just for the sake of my pride? Am I not, as a person, the
sum of my failures, as well as my successes? I really liked whomever's
point about how I cannot judge what someone else will see as beautiful.
And if an early piece shows up in a collection? Well, I am not sad that I
was once a beginner.


PS. who else was suprised by what 'ol mel-san looks like? heh. :)