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raku questionaire/scanning pics

updated sun 7 dec 97


Jack Phillips on sat 6 dec 97

To the list,

I was sent this survey (below), completed it, and returned it, but
wanted to pass it on to you all. Take a little time for this student if you do
any raku. Please take note of the students email address at the bottom and
reply to that address. Do not send it back to me!!
Also, I have a web site I need to chang out pics from time to time,
and it has always been an expensive hastle getting my prints scanned($10 ea.
at Kinko's) until I found this guy that will scan them and email them back
to me for 75 cents ea. Much more inline with my budget. Thier web site is

Full financial disclaimers apply! Enjoy.

Subject: questionnaire about raku ceramics

i am a third year ceramic student at staffordshire university in curse stipulates that as part of my final year, a design
research report must be completed this term, the marks from this
contribute to those accumulated over the year.i am researching the
subject of raku ceramics and i would be very grateful if you could
assist me with my research by answering the following questions.
(1) how would you describe your raku ceramics
a- functional b- non-functional c- sculptural d- other
(2) has anyone's work influenced your raku pieces?
(3) does your work relate to traditional japanese raku regarding
- the philosophy ?
- firing techniques ?
(4) is all of your work raku-fired?
(5) where were you introduced to raku?
(6) what year was this in ?
(7) what initially attracted you to do it?
(8) have you changed your methods of making ?
if so, is this due to market demands?
(9) is there a large or small market for your raku ceramics?
(10) since you first started has this demane increased or decreased for
the following :
- exhibitions - commissions - shops - museums - private sales - other
(11) what are your views on the arguement that paul soldner raises that
'raku' ceramics today shouldn't take it's name from the traditional
japanese firing technique ?

thankyou for your assistance .
nicola thompson e-mail address.