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selling seconds....ethics..etc

updated sun 7 dec 97


Jonathan Kaplan on sat 6 dec 97

This weekend we are having our annual Gallery Holiday Sale as a pre-curser
to close the gallery and expand our classroom and teaching facilities. We
will have a newly expanded and well equiped teaching space for the growing
needs of Colorado Mountain College and the community as well.

We have always sold our seconds as seconds, priced and marked (at times) as
such. Seconds that are really horrific seconds get dumpstered. We have lots
of clients' seconds and some are usually available at very affordable
prices. The point is is that there is value in seconds, and if glazed
blemished or slightly off in one way or another, our customers that cannot
afford a $250 piece that I make can well afford an under $25 second, and we
have been told that this is appreciated. Work that is cracked or otherwise
severely blemished becomes landfill. Actually, we have a number of artists
in town who buy our seconds and then break/smash them into mosaic sized
pieces for their work.

There is nothing wrong or unethical in selling seconds in ones own
gallery/storefront. We mark them as such and they are purchased with this

At shows and craft events, only my first quality work is shown and sold.

We all have different ways to deal with the seconds issues.My ethics are in
no way compromised by my decision to sell them through my gallery.


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