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home made vs store bought - was starting a studio

updated wed 9 sep 09


larry on mon 7 sep 09

Speaking from the male point of view and since I am beyond that point in my
life, what you describe is exactly what every male on earth dreams of doing
to females. Larry Especially the part about trading for scrap lumber LOL

From: "Kate McCoy"
Sent: Monday, September 07, 2009 6:54 PM
Subject: Re: Home made vs store bought - was starting a studio

Snail Scott wrote:
> So, if I trade my guy for someone who makes
> things, can I trade that one later for one that
> can cook, and then swap him for one who will
> clean the garage? Or can I trade something
> else (scrap lumber, for instance) for a second
> 'someone' and still keep my current one around?
> Like having a spare wheel for trimming on?
> -Snail

Hmm, sounds like the Clayarters should start a "swap" group - or a
ibrary type deal. A place to keep spouses when not in use, and available
to those who need them!

Good thinking Snail!

Kate (but I don't think my hubby would want to go)