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human ash glaze....

updated fri 11 sep 09


Hank Murrow on thu 10 sep 09

Dear Groups;

I posted a series of pics of a recent project employing human ash in
a glaze to honor my old mentor and friend, Jane Heald.

Her daughter, Liz, made tiles last May, and we glazed and fired them
along with some of my bisque last weekend. It was satisfying to be
able to honor her memory, and all the ways Jane contributed to my
development. Especially satisfying, because Cory's Weird was used as
a base for the glaze, as Cory also was an inspiration for me.

Cheers! Hank

jonathan byler on thu 10 sep 09


what was the quality of the ash? did they give you any of the fine
particles, or was it mostly the pebbly stuff? did you have to grind
it up or anything?

nice work, either way.

On Sep 10, 2009, at 1:39 PM, Hank Murrow wrote: