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interesting studio sale ideas

updated mon 8 dec 97


Russel Fouts on sun 7 dec 97


Subject: Interesting sale

>> ......we added a interesting form of advertizement that has proved to be
very successful its a 8 1/2 x11 flyer that is sent out with local adds and
retail add newspapers we got a great responce from them. Anyway it was a
very successful sale and we are going to continue to have it here. <<

That's a great idea and almost every local community has one.

One thing I did at my recent christmas sale was to have a bin of clay balls
(about 200 to 300 grams) available and gave one to everyone that came in
with the request to make something, I'd fire it and they could come back and
get it. I'd set aside bench space and layed out some tools (rollers, stamps,
found stuff, some hump molds, etc) for people to work with. Actually people
didn't buy much (damn) but we all sure had a great time playing with the
clay, drinking wine, looking at pots, etc! I'd do it again.

Near the ball bin, I posted a paraphased version of Mel-san's little clay
story. The one that basically ends with "....the process that took nature
thousands of years we reverse in couple of hours". Most people read that
last line with their mouths hanging open. Thanks Mel!

I like having the sale in the studio 'cause people like to see where the
stuff happens and everything I need to demonstrate a point is handy.

Anybody have any other ideas?

Russel (Just got the email part of setting up my new pc working. Boy does
everyone look great, and fast too!)

Russel Fouts
Mes Potes & Mes Pots
Brussels, Belgium
32 2 223 02 75