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kelly's pottery studio and gallery

updated tue 19 may 09


Overall's on mon 18 may 09


You are the ideal entrepreneur and would excel in owning your own business =
of a pottery studio and gallery.=3DA0=3D20

If start up capital is needed, you might entertain the offer of angel inves=
who believe in what you want to do and your responsible nature.=3DA0 I say =
gel investors from the perhaps naive belief being loan terms are more flexi=
ble than a bank.=3DA0 I'm not sure if collateral is needed either unless it=
in some types of shares of the business (in lieu of your homestead).=3DA0 =
I =3D
thought they were more in research into the individual and their work ethic=

I don't know the logistics of angel investing but would feel secure if the =
contracts were well written and interest kept low and not shark loans.=3DA0=
ou're also realistic in not being a dreamer getting in way over your head.=

You're pretty remarkable in all you accomplish so please consider working f=
or you and your family and not rely on other entities for your success.

Kim in Houston

Stephani Stephenson on mon 18 may 09

Kim ,I agree!
Kelly is a born entrepeneur.
there are benefits to running the show, especially when measured against=3D=

stitched together part time gigs.. though to each=3D20
his/her own...!

but the 'angel investor '...
i have always heard of this mentioned as an option
but does anyone out there actually have an 'angel ' investor?
for real?

sometimes I think my customers are my investor angels.
then there are the flitting in the garden
and occasionally one wafts through the studio
sometimes snickering, rather profanely, if you ask me, but the sounds of =
an angel snicker=3D20
is much like a cat sneeze, just an extra syllable , if they are careless.=

I've always wanted to somehow get through to Oprah, but other than that
how to you find out where the angels hang??

I'm serious in my question actually.
Is an angel investor another term for a silent partner?

....i understand work=3D20
the golden rule, business arrangements such as loans, or no loans; savin=
g, trade,
promotion. education, persistence,=3D20
I understand returning customers and collectors who , in reflection, do =
invest in you.
those who support you emotionally and professionally , who do , in reflec=
tion , invest in=3D20
but I have never understood how someone goes about=3D20
casting for "investor angels".....
am open to the possibility that this is a skill set I lack